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"Many Novelist write about

  the rich and famous, the sexy and seductive, the technological and the trendy. Not me. I have blue collar Appalachian roots, teach Bible classes, work with immigrants to learn English, lead an academic department, and do stuff like walk the dog, cook dinner, paint the porch, and enjoy lunch with great friends. "

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If you loved Fried Green Tomatoes then you'll love Barbara G. Tucker's Bringing Abundance Back!  Filled with rich southern characters that one could easily encounter walking main street in any small Southern town. "

                                                                  Tori Bailey - Author of the Coming Home Series

Long Lost Family has a small-town feel without the cliches you sometimes find with this genre."  -Cheryll Snow

Barbara Taylor has a knack for creating believable characters and intertwining multiple story lines."  -Angela Rose McAlpin

Can Virginia's Biscuit Festival save Abundance, SC?  

Abundance, South Carolina like many small southern mill towns has watched their economy disappear with the shuttering of the mill’s doors.  Named after the Abundance Flour Company this upstate South Carolina town is faced with re-inventing itself in the face of economic decline.  One resident may have a solution.  Empty nester and retired Virginia Foster believe the town should become the home for the Southern Biscuit Festival.

Who wouldn’t want a festival? The fun, activity, and potential recognition.  Virginia forms her team of fellow retirees to work to build around the concept.  However, not everyone sees the silver lining in Virginia’s idea.  Opposition comes from a local preacher, the art community, and the town’s maven of baby beauty pageants.

While fighting opposition to her Southern Biscuit Festival, Virginia must deal with her aging aunt, Zadie, and her aunt’s companion, Topie Jackson.  Racial lines are blurred by friendship and long lost family secrets are revealed.   

A Southern Socialite Wedding, Uninvited Relatives of Poor Relations, and a Dead Body.  Yep, Your Standard Run-of-the-Mill Southern Get Together

Scott Wallace, editor of the Keowah County Bugle and Banner, was too busy chasing bigger stories than to have to cover a fluff-piece of a local socialite wedding.  Granted Pierce’s Crossing, Georgia’s news beat wasn’t like Metro Atlanta’s.  But anything was better than wasting his writing talents on mine numbing what the bride wore pieces.

Meredith Kendrick, daughter of successful local businessman, John Ross Kendrick,wedding was the wedding of the year.  One would venture to go as far as to say century.  And John’s social climbing wife, Merilee, was sure every one knew it. 

Scott already had the piece written and all he needed were the details for the fill-in-the blank spots.  One short interview and he would have his publisher off his back and could move on to more journalistic endeavors. Nothing was never as easy as it seemed, Scott should have realized that fact before the first sit-down interview. 

A run-of-the mill assignment becomes entangled with Kendrick family secrets, three uninvited guest from Mississippi who claim to be distant relatives, and one dead body.  At this point, Scott no longer cares about butter cream frosting.  His focus is on who are the mysterious guest, the identity of the deceased, and who was responsible for the untimely demise.   

Cozy Mystery - Book One

More Than 4th of July Celebrations Keep Local Deputies Busy.

Scott Wallace was ready to wind down another long day of meeting deadlines.  News cycles do not take holidays, even for the 4th of July, and his day had been filled with juggling career and family.  The local paper was “put to bed” and he was ready for his. It was well past mid-night and noise ordinance curfew for fireworks.

Before the first shoe was removed, his foot stopped the process of pushing at the opposite shoe’s heel at the sound of his police scanner.  A body had been discovered in a wooded area off County Route 7, mile marker 5, halfway between the road and Cherokee Creek.


Marta Gonzalez had a lot of celebrate on this called Independence Day.  She was set to establish her own independence at a prestigious university on a full scholarship.  Her long-time boyfriend, Chad Greenway, did not share her aspirations of leaving Pierce’s Crossing,  He did not have his future planned like Marta but knew soon he’d have to make a decision.  One decision was made on the steamy 4th of July evening.  

While lives are changed and a small-town community is rocked by the events and news of the death of one of their own, Scott Wallace will juggle his job, caring for his special-needs son, and managing his ex-wife while helping investigate and act as media liaison for the local Sheriff Department.

Cozy Mystery - Book Two

Why I Write

I like to say I write about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.  That sounds like a lot of us today, doesn't it?  My characters are like people you would probably meet somewhere and not know they have great stories.


Barbara G. Tucker

Barbara G. Tucker is the author of six novels: A Family’s Journey Trilogy: Traveling Through, Cross Road, and Legacy, published by OakTara Press The Unexpected Christmas Visitors, Bringing Abundance Back, and Long Lost Family: A Mystery Novel. She has also published Leading in a Strange Land: Studies in Daniel and Leadership. She is the co-author of Exploring Public Speaking, a Creative Commons licensed textbook, and editor of an academic journal. Barbara lives in a community in Northwest Georgia outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, with her husband and dog. She is a professor and administrator in a public college. 

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