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What A Reader Like You Had to Say About Charles' Stewardship Series

"Part Tom Clancy, part Frank Peretti, Charles de Andrade blends military intrigue with the unseen battle that goes on all around us. There have been few books that I have not been able to put down. This is one of them, and I suspect the rest of the series will be the same."                                 S. Testardi

“Cursed is the man, who is hung on the tree.” 

The Stewardship Series

A Gift that brings the ability to see true reality and the question as to why the recipient was CHOSEN.

Chosen to be the recipient of a great gift, Glenn Hitch receives a title pointing to the destiny all mankind was originally purposed for. Glenn’s new abilities include the same gift granted to Elisha’s servant in answer to the prophet’s prayer: the ability to see the true reality of the war he was engaged in. The struggle not with flesh and blood, as so many would readily assume, but instead with the spiritual forces that feed on and drive much of the conflict in this life. Glenn must learn to balance the demands of love and the requirements of service that flow from these new abilities. Glenn knows what many deny: there really are angels and demons, and both are involved in people’s lives and decisions. By serving others who doubt that truth, Glenn searches for the answer to the questions that haunt him the most: Why was I chosen, and what does it mean to be chosen?

Shunned from his family and trying to escape unseen forces - One man's plight will lead him on a path of INTERVENTION.

    The intervention of a quadriplegic saved Nguyen Huu Mihn from a mugging on the streets of Baltimore while attending John Hopkins University. That man's faith changed Mihn's life.

    Mihn's new faith brought him into conflict with his father's business interests in Vietnam and the mysterious powers supporting his father. Estranged from his father and shunned by his family, Mihn learns to support himself by working as a translator for Americans coming to Vietnam during the waning years of the war.

   Finally, with the fall of Vietnam, another man's intervention provides Mihn with what he needs to flee the doomed country. With a boat, a crew and a group of passengers, including a young French nun, Sister Carlene, and the forty oprhans she has charge of, Mihn starts his escape to Thailand.

   But Mihn learns that there are some enemies that cannot be fled from; instead, these adversaries must be faced and resisted. He discovers that he is in the middle of a war, not with flesh and blood, but with spiritual powers bent on destroying him and all those seeking escape.

   Mihn discovers what intervention is when he must risk everything to save those he loves. In the process, he experiences the reality of the spiritual war that rages unseen by most.

Void of hope, damaged, and filled with despair Gen. Lee Chinn will find himself on a journey back to the land once filled with enemies to discover a stranger who will make him see beyond his DAMAGED GOODS.

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Major General Lee Chinh stared at the mirror, wondering what the woman had seen in him. His damaged body should have repelled her, yet she had loved him anyway. But now, hope had been taken from him, along with the unborn child that had filled his mind with such expectation and anticipated joy. How could he ever be whole again without her? What value or future did the life hold for him now? How could someone who was so damaged ever be reclaimed? Chinh would discover the answer to these questions, half a world away, where a stranger, living in the country he had once considered his enemy, was struggling with her own loss and the mounting confrontation with forces conspiring to destroy her and her family. Confronted with the challenge to serve another, Chinh discovers that his own loss is inexplicably intertwined with that woman's story. He finds that his battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of wickedness, which desire to enslave not only him, but others he would learn to love.

Coming home for the presumed dead is not always a joyous occasion...Glen Hitch's HOMECOMING in this fourth installment of the Stewardship series will bring the spiritual battle home in the face called FAMILY.

Glenn Hitch had been gone far too long. He never came home from Vietnam and was presumed killed in the waning days of the conflict, having left on a humanitarian mission and disappearing without a trace. He was remembered only by a headstone erected by his mother at the little country church led by a pastor who felt as abandoned as the plot of ground that supported the small reminder of his supposed death. His hometown had changed, and his step-brother's activities were the principal reason. Buddy's string of adult entertainment venues had started with one in Hitchenburgh. Now Buddy and his mysterious backers were expanding. Parlors were popping up everywhere, like chickenpox, scarring the small towns of rural Michigan and expanding to other states. But, what was happening was not going unnoticed. The prayers of the pastor, of Buddy's mother and of a young farmer's daughter whose sister was being drawn by the Parlor's quick money allure were about to be answered. Glenn came home but not alone. He was accompanied by two others, who had been sent to see the truth of what had been prayed about. His arrival would expose the truth. The struggle was not with flesh and blood, but with the spiritual forces of wickedness. The town and the people would never be the same after his homecoming

EXCLAMATION! is the moment of discovery, when the curtain hiding what is real is torn open and truth is revealed

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A MYSTERIOUS QUOTE nailed to the tree where the body was found “Cursed is the man, who is hung on the tree.” A small-town Police Chief, Ken Farr, the son of the pastor remains haunted by the memory of the unsolved crime that opened his career.His embattled father, facing legal challenges attempts to rescue yet another ensnared by the same forces behind the crime.AND, in Washington D.C. a local girl closing in on her dream; Kristen is in her element, alongside her husband the heir apparent Vice-President intent on replacing the retiring incumbent. A Guiding voice, along with beauty and smarts enabled her to escape the small town and has helped her remove the entanglements of a former husband and a lover. Leading her to vast wealth and power.Yet, her past holds the keys to revealing the true mastermind of the crime.Ken’s investigation will expose the real struggle… not with flesh and blood but with the spiritual forces of wickedness.

Eyewitnees-Book 1 Mircales Of Christ-The

A New Series by Charles De Andrade - 

De Andrade takes well known biblical stories and allows the readers to see the minor characters and how their involvement transcends time to today's culture in his new Christian Fiction Series - The Miracles of Christ.   

An ancient wall dating back to the clashes between the Roman's and the Picts held more than the measure of history but hidden scrolls.  Scrolls that support well known Biblical scripture of a man called Christ and the people he encountered.  But, these scrolls contain more than supporting accounts of Christ.  Their discovery will unlock supernatural forces that turn deadly for the unbelievers. 

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The first scroll, the autobiography of the blind man found in the gospel of John, forces Rubin James, a world renown professor and critic of the Christian faith, to once again examine his own beliefs.  The discovery of apparently supernatural forces accompanying the box and its contents, drives Rubin to seek to destroy the scrolls.  His plan inadvertently causes the death of his own daughter, Laura, who had become equally convinced of the authenticity of the scrolls and was seeking to prevent the destruction her father had planned.  Now faced with his own culpability and a copy of his daughter’s translation of the first scroll, Rubin faces a decision.  Will he accept the evidence and embrace the truth, or will he continue to fight against the testimony of the blind man and accept the accolades of his culture and his scholarly compatriots. It is a decision that will have lasting impact, not only for Rubin and his family, but for the culture he is a part of.  It is a decision, each person faces as we read the story of the blind man in the bible.

Charles De Andrade

Charles de Andrade is the finance manager for a software company based in Atlanta Georgia.  He is the founding and managing member of Scribblers Christian Writers Group.  Eyewitness – Tears of the Saints, is his sixth book, and the first book in a new series looking at the miracles of Christ, as experienced through the recipients of the miracles.  Charles lives in Summerfeild Florida with his wife of 46 years, Gloria.  He is the proud father of three daughters, eight grandchildren, and one step grandson.  He can be found cooking, playing guitar and in front of his computer writing.

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