Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Author can submit books to The Southern Pen Bookshop?

Indie authors that have self-published or used one of the following types of publishers: micro, small press, hybrid, vanity and subsidy publishers. Traditionally published large publishing houses and imprints may not.  Books must have an ISBN.

Do you only accept Authors from the Southeastern U. S.?

No.  We welcome books from around the globe by indie authors.  Books must be written in the English language and have an ISBN. 

What type of Genres are accepted by The Southern Pen Bookshop?

All genres are welcomed with the exclusion of erotica and graphic violence.  We are currently needing the following genres:  Mystery/Suspense - Cozy Mystery - Paranormal Romance - Science Fiction - & Fantasy Fiction

Does The Southern Pen Bookshop set the retail price of my book?

The authors set the retail price of their books.  

How many copies are required & how can I get my copies to the bookshop?

10 Copies.  We like to keep a stock of 5 copies in the bookstore and 5 in reserve for on-line order fulfillment and to take to off-site events.   Authors may ship their copies direct to our home office or make an appointment to bring books to the bookshop.

(please do not ship or bring books to the physical address of the bookshop)

I write a series (or have multiple titles) will I have to pay the full rental rate for each title?

 A total of 4 titles may be included in one author agreement.  An add-on fee of 40.00 per additional title for up to three titles may be included.  Additional titles will require a separate agreement and 1 year fee.

How will I get paid?

The Southern Pen will make electronic payments to authors using Paypal or Direct Deposit to a bank account.  Payments are made within 90 days of sales.  All funds are in US Dollars.

What is the commission amount authors receive?

Authors retain 80% of their net sales.  Net Sales is the amount collected by The Southern Pen Bookshop after all transaction fees have been deducted from the gross sales. 

When is author commissions paid?

Authors receive commission payments within 90 days of monthly sales.  Authors will receive an email confirmation of the amount of commission paid with an itemized report of the book sales for the month.  

Will The Southern Pen Bookshop notify me when my stock is low?

Yes.  Our inventory system will alert us when a book title is getting low.

Where is the bookshop located?

The Southern Pen Bookshop is located inside the Monroe Mercantile in downtown Monroe, Georgia.  The Monroe Mercantile is a multi-vendor space with a central sales desk.  The bookshop is open during the Monroe Mercantile's normal operating hours, however, staff for the bookshop has set hours.  

What hours are staff present at the bookshop?

Staff is available in the bookshop Wednesday - Friday 2 pm to 5 pm  and on Saturdays 11:00 am to 4:00 pm  or by appointment.