Georgiana Fields

Georgia                                                                          Romance - Paranormal

Born in coastal North Carolina, Georgiana Fields grew up in a military family near Camp Lejeune. Spending her summers on the Atlantic Coast, she developed a love for the ocean, nature, and coastal ghost stories and legends. As a child, she used to love listening to her aunts tell and retell stories and legends surrounding New Bern, N.C. and other coastal towns. 

While she loves nature, horseback riding, and scary movies, she currently spends most of her time writing paranormal romance/suspense.

Georgiana currently resides in a suburb north of Atlanta with her husband, two dogs, and two cats.

A mysterious stranger offers Rose Kelly the opportunity to restore his English home and fulfill a career dream. With nothing to lose, Rose accepts Vaughn Madoc's offer and accompanies him to England. While touring his house, Rose is catapulted back to 1900 Victorian England. Vaughn Madoc is Dhampir, the race that originated the vampire legend. Working with Scotland Yard to track down a killer plaguing London in the wake of Jack the Ripper, his life has all the complications he can handle. The strangely dressed woman appearing in his library is his true mate, the one he has waited centuries to meet. Can Vaughn protect Rose from a vicious killer? Can a 21st-century woman survive a turn-of-the-century killer? How would this change the future?

Niki is a survivor. She has survived loss and abuse. The Okefenokee Swamp provides a sanctuary of peace and security until she finds a lost child with a frightening secret. A child others will kill to possess.Grieving the murders of his brother and sister-in-law, Tristan must find his missing five-year-old niece, Shelby. Each day she remains lost adds to his fear those hunting her will locate her first or humans will discover her Dhampir nature.Tristan tracks Shelby to the Okefenokee Swamp and discovers Shelby in the arms of his fated mate. However, their family reunion is interrupted when the hunters follow Tristen to Shelby. In a run for their lives, Niki goes with Tristan to help protect Shelby. If the ones pursuing them don’t kill her, Niki might lose her heart to a wolf. Can Tristan and Niki survive a clan war and claim the love destine to be theirs?

Reporter, Caitlin MacPhee lives in two worlds. Celebrating her 200th birthday, she has finally found her life-mate. There are just a few tiny problems. The first Raven doesn't know she's Dhampir. The next, she's a reporter, and he's a detective who appears to see Caitlin only as a friend.Her mother’s advice to throw sexy detective Raven O’Brien to the floor and have her way with him is not Caitlin’s idea of romance, no matter how much she desires his love. And his blood. Raven races to Caitlin’s aid when she’s attacked in a parking lot. Strangely, Raven isn't afraid when he learns she is of an ancient race, the basis of the vampire and werewolf legends. The actions of a vindictive reporter place Caitlin in the killer’s sights. Raven tries to find the one responsible when Caitlin's best friend is another victim and near death. He desperately searches for evidence to find the killer, while Caitlin uses her unique abilities to find answers. Will Caitlin become the killer’s next victim? Can Caitlin and Raven survive to build a life together?

Jenny has lusted after Royce Lucard forever! But she can't be his fated mate for so many reasons. He still sees her as a bratty kid, despite her being a highly trained Healer. Worse she is the granddaughter of the sworn enemy of the Lucard Clan. Finally, she is fangless! Jenny is considered defective by herbirth clan as well as other Dhampirs. Sometimes it’s better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission, especially when saving the lives of others. When Royce finds out about Jenny’s sacrificing herself to heal him, he lashes out and orders her to stay away from him. She runs—all the way to Sanibel Island, Florida. Her favorite retreat. Royce has waited over 13 years to claim Jenny. He ignored her, giving her a chance to become the incredible woman and Healer she was meant to be. Desperate over her disappearance, he must find her and convince her that she is his fated mate or be doomed to centuries of loneliness.Stolen children, kidnapped women, and the evil of Eugenics place Royce and Jenny in grave danger. Can their extraordinary Dhampir talents and love for each other survive an evil that has lasted centuries?

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