What is an "Indie" Author?

"Indie" is short for independent.  But, what is an independent author?  

The Southern Pen Bookshop recognizes any author who has chosen to use a small or independent press, hybrid publisher, vanity or subsidiary press, or self-publisher as the means of producing their works. An indie author is someone who either retains or has input on the creative aspect of their works and embodies an authorprenuerial spirit.

Why we only carry books by Indie Authors

Our vision for the Southern Pen Bookshop is to create a retail outlet that promotes independent authors and introduce them to our readers.  As an independent bookstore and small business, we understand the level of competition created by larger entities.  But, we believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and the American Dream of success. 

When a reader purchases a book from one of our shelves, they are not only supporting our "little bookshop" but also a writer who has chosen to be independent and a small business, as well. 


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Let Us Introduce You to Your Favorite Indie Author


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