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Kristine Bone

Georgia                                         Historical Fiction

                                                         Christian Romance


What Other Readers Had to Say. . .

I loved the way history was woven into the lives of these characters. Made them very real. This book reminded me of how God looks after us through rough times as well a good.

Excellent historical fiction book set in the late 1800s in the Dakotas. Great detail, you feel as if you are right there in the wild America of way back when. Mrs. Bone delivers a wonderful storyline and I cannot wait to read her next book!

Kristine Bone’s research into the Battle of the Little Bighorn and interweaving a fictional story of a young woman’s love in the mid-1800’s made for an interesting trip back in time. If you enjoy historical fiction then you will love this story. It spans from 19th century Montana’s days of territorial conflict to Chicago in the 1940’s as seen through the eyes of a woman reading her great aunt’s journals. Make time and get comfortable.


The Books

History & Romance Collide 

Excellent Historical Fiction Books Set in the 1800's

1944 has become a lonely, troubled year for Charlotte. Once living contentedly in her Chicago home, the year has seen little correspondence from her son Jack serving his country overseas, and now the companionship of her Great Aunt Cecilia has also been taken from her with Cecilia's recent death.
When the discovery is made of Aunt Cecilia's memoirs in the overlooked trunk the basement still harbors, Charlotte is astonished. Had quiet, unassuming Aunt Cecilia really lived through this turbulent time in history in a long-forgotten cavalry fort that was commanded by none other than George Armstrong Custer? Why had Cecilia never spoken of this amazing, historic journey she had taken so early in her life? What could of happened to the man, John Vickory, Cecilia writes of so lovingly?
Charlotte is a woman of faith and knows Cecilia to have also had a strong relationship with God. As she reads of Cecilia's past and becomes a part of it to escape her own fears, she hopes to unlock the key to Cecilia's secrecy and serenity, living many years in the wake of a terrible tragedy.

Soft Cover 12.95

Love, Loss, & Healing

Excellent Historical Fiction Books Set in the 1800's

In this sequel to "Shadows Across Dakota", Cecilia Adams returns from the Dakota Territory in 1876 to her hometown, the city of Chicago. Struggling to resume her life after the tragedy of the Little Bighorn massacre and her loss of John Vickory, Cecilia is challenged to put her grief behind her and find a new purpose for living. When given the opportunity to work at the Chicago Orphan Asylum, slowly Cecilia's heart begins to heal. Alfred Clark, a young father and husband, struggles to care for his two children as his wife Clara loses her battle with illness. Desperate to care for his two young children, Nettie and Henry, Alfred finds no option but to leave them at the Chicago Orphan Asylum until better times. A friendship develops between Cecilia and Alfred as they discover they are both walking the same difficult path, the road to healing. The road is long and challenging, yet their faith in God is their stronghold. Might there be a better future together if they can finally leave their grief behind?

Soft Cover 15.95

Kristine Bone

The Authore

Kris' (long-ago) idea of writing a historical fiction novel based on The Little Bighorn tragedy came to fruition after retiring from a local college. Kris lives near Athens, Georgia with her husband Randy, two dogs, two cats and ever-growing goldfish, Barnabus. Being a horse lover from a young age, she also has a mare named Sierra who she enjoys riding.