Lee Gaitan

Georgia                                         Humor  

It’s one of the surest facts of life

(that no one warns you about)

…at some point in our journey, we all experience a bad bounce or two. No matter what we think, no one lives the perfect life — one free of unexpected twists and turns and skipping the dreaded bad bounces.

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In the past twelve years I have had to deal with more than a healthy helping of “are you kidding me?” moments. In 2002, I hit rock bottom. It was so bad I lovingly refer to it as a year of “shock and awfulness.” That year my father died, my mother was in the hospital, semi-comatose from grief, and my husband of 22 years lost every penny of our money BEFORE running off to Arizona with his girlfriend, who just happened to be a former stripper. That was just the beginning. I spent the next decade struggling with loss and challenges on every front, from finances and family to health and career. While there were many bounces up and down over the years, I have finally bounced back and it was well worth the effort. I’m now happily remarried, employed and have published my second book. I even have children on three continents and a granddaughter far too far away!

         If you like your optimism served with a side of snarkiness, this is the book for you. Lee Gaitan is a recognized “Bounce Back” expert (unless she’s not wearing eye liner, in which case she often goes unrecognized), known for looking on the bright side and finding the silver lining in dark clouds. But sometimes the best way to part the dark clouds and discover the sunshine is by way of a mild rant or musing on the myriad irritations of modern life. With Gaitan’s wit cutting through those clouds with razor-sharp accuracy, readers will find themselves on the sunny side of life again in no time.

      Warning.. be sure to put your coffee or coke or wine down before diving into Lee Gaitan's Lite Whines and Laughter, or you will find yourself laughing so hard the liquid is sure to spurt out of your nose. You've been warned. 

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