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Sarah had inherited the “Luck of the Irish” gift like her Uncle Johnny. His gift of protection had served him well during his military career and for his security business. She was able to feel and sense other’s emotions. Which traumatized her at four years old when she sensed her parent’s death. As a form of therapy her Uncle had given her a coloring book. That was the beginning of her love of colors and clothing designs. She began her own business selling her dresses to family and friends. It was the perfect world for her because she could do what she loved and not be around a lot of people. But as time passed, she got tired of the safe route. It was time she stopped living her life in fear.

Colonel Johnny Mackenzie is a handsome soldier able to sense what others are feeling. Visiting fellow soldiers in the hospital is an obligation he never ignores, even though it takes a toll on him personally. Able to feel the pain, despair, and fear of the people inside, Johnny copes by visualizing a wall of protection around him. But one day when he decides to visit Sargent Sanchez in the hospital, everything changes.

Lyla is just seventeen when one moment changes her life forever. Now she is spending her senior year pregnant and her boyfriend, Patrick, is working at his grandfather’s fruit market to support his new family instead of going off to college. During a difficult day, an Irish exchange student, Rowena, comes to Lyla’s rescue and tells her fascinating stories of her family’s haunted castle back home whose ghost knows how to please a woman. While Patrick rolls his eyes, Lyla is enthralled.

Lyla is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and contemplate what is next after Patrick's death. She remembers the Irish exchange student that visited twenty years ago and the tale of a mystical castle. Lyla ventures to visit Irelande, Rowena, and to explore the castle for its magical powers.


A simple touch of the stone walls leave Lyla questioning whether grief is making her lose her mind or if is it really possible that the castle’s ghost looks just like her husband.

Save 25% Off Any Title


Marilyn L. Hart

Since I was little, I loved writing. A few years ago, when unpacking some boxes, I found several short stories I had written in grade school. It reminded me how much I loved writing, even at an early age.

After raising her two children and retiring from a career in Customer Service, Marilyn found a box neatly tucked away with several short stories.  She began to write and pitch her stories to agents and publishers to be rejected.  Putting her writing aside again, she re-entered the world of customer service.  An advertisement for self-publishing sparked the idea of publishing her own stories.  To date she has published four novels, The Chance to Do It Again was her debut novel.  Sarah's Gift and Johnny's Gift soon followed.  Here latest book I Saw the Signs, I Just Ignored Them is now available. 

Marilyn's one piece of wisdom to anyone with dreams that have been squashed is to keep believing in them and yourself. 

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