A Badge, A Gun, and A Man Name Wyatt.

The title alone has the jingle of spurs followed with the scrape of boots across rustic wooden floors laden with dirt echoing in one's memory. But, this Wyatt was not a gunslinger in an outlaw town located in the arid dessert of Arizona. He was the sheriff of Green County, Georgia and the time period was prohibition. The hot commodity for this rural central Georgia county was the clear liquid that lined many pockets with green. Moonshine. Corruption seeped into every aspect of the county and the men sworn to uphold the law was not immune.

Green County supplied the thirsty in Atlanta. This all changed in 1925 with the grit and determination of one man. L.L. Wyatt. At the age of twenty-one, Wyatt accepted his calling to rid Greene County of corruption and stop the flow of liquor toward Atlanta and all other parts of Georgia. His fearlessness, agility, honesty, and fairness in enforcing the laws were demonstrated again and again. His battles with the bootleggers turned him into a figure larger than life. The stories spread throughout the county, sweeping everyone up into the legend of L.L. Wyatt.

Author Claire Hertzler has captured the myth, legend, and God fearing man responsible for restoring order to Greene County. The telling of The High Sheriff of Greene County was one that Claire was well qualified to write. She grew up in the Wyatt culture of Greene County. His story was hers, as well. One as a resident who experienced the peace and tranquility Wyatt brought to her home. She recalls often hearing, "There go Wyatt and Taylor,” as the sheriff whizzed by in a cloud of dust with his deputy.  Claire has written the story of this legendary sheriff and has brought Wyatt alive again to those who knew him and for those who wished they had. In this little gem of a book, Claire Hertzler has preserved a slice of Georgia history sure to captivate and inspire.

Claire will be signing copies of her book Saturday - April 13 under The Southern Pen Bookshop tent at the Monroe Walton Center for the Arts fro 11 to 3.

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