A Cat That Couldn't Meow & Do Bees have Knees?

Written by: Kimberly Ann Purvis

Kimberly with Jingles

Hello everyone! My name is Kimberly Ann Purvis and I am a lifelong resident of Dublin, GA (Erin Go Bragh!). I was born and raised on a farm which has become a great source of inspiration for my writing. Many of the critters that scurry around the farm make appearances in my books.

I wrote the first draft of my first young adult novel, Hartley’s Twisted Life, at age seventeen. I set it aside after becoming busy with graduating high school and college. At age twenty-one, I finished Hartley’s Twisted Life and taught myself the art of self-publishing. Hartley’s Twisted Life is the story of a Kansas farm girl with the supernatural ability to predict tornadoes.

I began writing and illustrating children’s picture books at the insistence of an angry five year old, my cousin Randi. She informed me that she was very upset that she was unable to read Hartley’s Twisted Life due to the lack of illustrations. She told me I should write a “book with pictures” and of course I couldn’t refuse.

The Cat Who Couldn’t Meow, a children’s picture book, became my second publication. It is based on a true story about my beloved cat, Pickles, and her inability to meow. My third publication was a sequel to Hartley’s Twisted Life, entitled Hartley Ever After.

My next series of books was also inspired by true events. While arriving home late one night, I discovered a very chunky possum trying to climb through my bedroom window. I immediately exclaimed, “There’s a possum trying to get in my bed!” I knew then I had my next book, There’s a Possum in My Bed. I followed it with There’s a Possum in the Hay. Both books are colorful and follow a rhyming pattern to help preschoolers learn how to read.

My third possum book, There’s a Possum in the Tree, was inspired by discovering a possum hiding in a decorative Christmas tree on my front porch. Speaking of Christmas, I tried my hand at a Christmas themed book with Jolly the Jingle Dog. Inspired by my golden retriever, Quigley, the book tells the story of Jolly, Santa’s canine helper, who delivers gifts to all the good animals.

Simple Blessings is a devotional and coloring book that is great for the whole family.

Does a Bee Have Knees? is a brightly colored picture book about bugs.

Tina the Cow Ballerina was inspired by an abandoned cow I discovered on Valentine’s Day. I called her Valentina (Tina for short) and began bottle feeding her. When I would go outside to give her a bottle, she would begin prancing and jumping as if she were trying to dance like a ballerina. “Tina the Ballerina” became her nickname and a book soon followed.

My latest publication I thought this was math class… is a math literacy book for grades 4-8. It introduces young students to the fundamentals of algebra by using rhymes and colorful illustrations.

I hope you enjoy exploring my books and happy reading everyone!

These titles are available at The Southern Pen Bookshop:

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