Creating Jubilee, Georgia - A Place to Celebrate Life

The southern fictional town of Jubilee, Georgia provides the backdrop for its named series created by authors Linda Joyce, Melissa Klein, and Rachel W. Jones. "Last year, Melissa suggested we write a Christmas anthology. It was decided that that each book would be dedicated to a charity, centered on a holiday, and the characters are intertwined in each author's story. We wanted it set in Georgia." Linda Joyce shared with us during an interview about the creation of Jubilee, Georgia, the Jubilee Series, and their newest release- Fireworks in Jubilee.

All three authors pondered the question of where? Where in the state of Georgia would call Jubilee home. Would it be the mountains, plains, or the coast. Because each author lives in the Kennesaw area and are close to the North Georgia Mountains they were already familiar with most of the quaint towns and settings to the north. So, they went to the southern part of the state. Road Trip!

Yes, the three authors took a road trip through the middle plains of Georgia with lots of farming communities known for peaches, pecans, and peanuts. Their trek ended in the Golden Isles. "We crossed several bridges over different waterways. We loved the area and decided to create our town there. Fancy Bluff Creek had the ring of positive possibilities, and it's a real place." Linda reminisced and continued to share the philosophy behind the vision for the town, characters, and their stories.

The first is the fact that life is challenging. "Each of us have dealt with moving to a new home, a near-fatal accident, caring for aging and dying parents, the passing of pets, and more." Linda explained and shared how the three authors have become each others support group. "We garner strength from each other. We celebrate each other. Therefore, we wanted the characters of Jubilee, which means celebration, to reflect the struggles of real life, and at the same time, these characters band together and rejoice over life."

The Southern Pen Bookshop will host a reception on Saturday - June 22nd from 2 to 4p at the Monroe Walton Center for the arts to celebrate the release of Fireworks in Jubilee. The art center will take on the feel of the 4th of July in Jubilee, Georgia with refreshments, a pie contest, and all three authors present to sign copies of the newest installment. Linda, Melissa, and Rachel extend the invitation to the public, "The folks of Jubilee are waiting to welcome you...come celebrate with us and The Southern Pen Bookshop."

About Linda Joyce

Linda Joyce is an award winning and Amazon best-selling author of cotmeporary, southen, sultry romance featuring assertive females and the men who can't resist them. She writes women's fiction with heroines living heartbreaking lives who survive and learn to thrive.

Her home and life is shared with a very patient husband and two fur babies, Max and Jake. It is claimed that Max and Jake actually believe Linda is their pet. She loves arts and crafts, painting, is addicted to Cajun food and sushi. She has be accused of being somewhat reclusive in only leaving the house once a week to only get criticism from two other authors - Melissa and Rachel.

The Jubilee Series:

Linda Joyce contributed to this blog post.

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