Don't Quit Your Dream

written by: Georgiana Fields

Hi, I’m Georgiana Fields. I write paranormal romance and suspense. I believe in happy endings and strong women. The men in my stories are alphas, occasionally clueless, and at times put their feet in their mouths.

On May 18, 2019, The Southern Pen Bookshop held its first annual Georgia Independent Author of the Year Awards (GIAYA) banquet. My story; Crimson Dreams won first place in the Romance category. It was the fourth happiest day of my life after my marriage and the births of my two sons.

The road to winning the GIAYA has been long and hard fought. I gave up many times, but something pulled me back.

I have always written stories. I knew someday I would be a writer. The legends of the vampires, werewolves, and gargoyles have always fascinated me.

In high school, my English teacher, Miss Reid gave the class a yearlong project to write a novella. While the rest of the class groaned, inside, I was shouting for joy.

At the end of the year, Miss. Reid informed me I had strong character development, a wonderful, if not interesting plot, and I had created a believable world. She gave me an F for mechanics.

I did not go to college to be a writer. I became a Medical Technologist. I kept writing, kept building the world of the Dhampir, a race of aliens who came to this planet while humans still lived in caves. They would become the basis for our vampire, shapeshifter, and gargoyle myths.

Crimson Dreams is the first book in my paranormal Crimson Series. I threw the manuscript into the trash after a harsh critique. A dear friend pulled it from the trash. She encouraged me to keep writing and not give up on my dream of becoming published.

Through my husband’s encouragements and that of friends, I kept writing.

Ten years later, an editor called. I had known Mary for many years. She uttered two words. “Got stories?”

The voice, I had silenced, shouted, “YES!” Crimson Dreams was polished, brought up to date, and finally published. My next hurdle was promoting my work to reach readers.

I met Vickie Bley and Mary Treadwell last fall at The Southern Pen Bookshop. The little voice in my head began shouting again, and I knew I had found the help I needed.

The Southern Pen Bookshop opened last summer. It works to help promote non-traditionally published authors. The Southern Pen Bookshop is more than a storefront for our books, the staff is always promoting them. Vickie has become an advocate for writers like me. I thank her and the Southern Pen Bookshop for all they have done.

When I received my GIAYA, I told Vickie, “If it had not been for my husband, my friends, and editor, Mary Marvella, I would not be holding this award and have four published books.” The fifth is coming soon.

I believe people are put in our lives to help us achieve our dreams. We all need to listen to our inner voice, the one with the pom-poms shouting we can do it. Too many times that voice is silenced by doubt. Don’t listen and never ever give up on your dream.


Meet Gerogiana on Saturday - July 20, 2019 from 11 am to 2 pm at The Southern Pen Bookshop. We are located inside the Monroe Mercantile home to Cheely's General Store and Cafe' in downtown Monroe, Georgia.

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