In January 1994, with NO writing background, experience, training, or industry contacts, veteran “commercial” writer Peter Bowerman built a writing practice from fantasy to full-time in under four months—writing for clients such as BellSouth, Coca-Cola, UPS, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, American Express, and many others.

Now at this point the skeptical among you are thinking, "Yeah right. There is no way that this could be a reality for me." But, what if Peter Bowerman's story could become yours?

What if you could make $60-$100+ an hour writing, and give yourself the time and space to pursue your "passion writing"? In today’s downsized business world, many companies of all sizes pay freelancers such rates to handle many of their writing tasks. Why? Because it just makes good economic sense, and for many reasons.

Why does the field exist? Well, in the course of communicating with prospects, clients and employees, a typical company will create a steady stream of written marketing materials. Many accomplish this “in-house,” but many others—without the time or talent in-house—have discovered the economic advantages of hiring capable freelancers. And unlike most cash-strapped publications, corporations—understanding the integral role good writing plays in a healthy bottom line—have the budgets to pay handsomely for these services.

Join Peter, author of the multiple-award-winning "Well-Fed Writer" titles on the subject, at the Southern Pen Bookshop's Writers Conference and learn what commercial writing is, why the field is a bona fide opportunity, how to build a portfolio, where the work is, what to charge, how good you have to be, and more. A GOOD writing income is closer than you think!

In the afternoon attend his Exorcising the “Marketing” Demons! Transforming “Sales” and “Marketing” from Fiend to Friend!, Peter will continue sharing with writers how they can succeed with marketing and exorcising the marketing demons that often plague them.

Say “sales” or “marketing” to most creative folks, and it’s cold-sweat time. “Can’t I just create and leave the selling to someone else?” Sure, if you’re Stephen King, Nora Roberts or a few other marquee authors. But, the rest of us? Afraid not. Like it or not, if you want to succeed as a freelance writer or author, you need to learn how to effectively sell yourself, your services and/or your books – in person, online and in printed promotional materials.

But, “selling yourself” doesn’t mean being pushy, “sales-y” or high-pressure. That’s never appropriate, and more importantly, it doesn’t work! Rather, it’s about understanding the audience you’re speaking to, what matters to that audience, and how to speak to them in a way that will get them to pay attention—and take action.

During the conference, Peter will be available in the Trade Show area between breakout sessions and will host a table during the luncheon. He has offered to provide a 10-Minute One-on-One Copy-Review Session. Those interested in having Peter look at a sample of “marketing” writing and receive feedback on (e.g., press release, promo blurb, website copy, etc.), are welcomed to bring their samples with them. Sign-up will be available on conference day during the morning Trade Show hour (8 am to 9 am). This offer is only valid for the day of the conference and to attendees that have registered.


Since 2000, Peter Bowerman has been helping freelance writers and self-publishing authors separate the words “starving” and “writer,” and make a GOOD living from their words. A veteran commercial copywriter, popular speaker and workshop leader, he is the self-published author of the three multiple-award-winning Well-Fed Writer titles (, how-to “standards” on lucrative “commercial” freelance writing.

He chronicled his self-publishing success (100,000 copies of his books/ebooks in print and a full-time living for 10+ years) in the 2007 release, and its 2014 update—both multiple-award-winners, of The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living.

Since 2002, he has been a coach for commercial-writing startup and self-publishing ventures. In 2010, he launched the Title Tailor, providing publishers and self-publishing authors with eyeball-grabbing book titles and compelling back-cover copy (

Purchase YOUR copy at the conference and become a well-fed writer.

Peter Bowerman contributed to the content of this blog

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