Looking for The Funny

By: Lori Duff

People often ask me if I worry about running out of material to use for my blogs and books. The answer is a loud – NO! Once I learned how to look at the world with an eye for those kind of details, the only question I had was whether or not I would ever have enough time to write down all the ideas I have.

I have friends who are convinced that God or the Universe or whoever is in control of such things is well aware that I have a blog and purposely puts events in my path that are worth writing about. I’m not sure that’s true. I don’t think my life is any more interesting than anyone else’s, maybe even less so. I think I’ve just learned to look for the interesting things that happen.

It helps that I’m hard to embarrass. I don’t really do improv, but I love one of the basic rules of improv, which is “Yes, and…” When you do improv sketches, you aren’t allowed to say no. You have to take whatever is handed to you and run with it, even if it is something you hadn’t expected, if it is something outside of your comfort zone, or something you don’t want to do. And you have to do all of that with a straight face, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

If you take life on those terms, everything is more fun. Roll with it, baby. I’m a big fan of the

serenity prayer – there’s a lot of wisdom in it, and I’ve learned that there isn’t really a whole lot that you can change. Part of accepting that which you cannot change is learning to not just live with what you can’t change but embracing it wholly and running with it. I shattered my wrist playing a sport designed for people with limited mobility? Well, I could bemoan my fate and clumsiness, or I could get a whole lot of fun and word count out of it. I could enjoy my Wonder Woman onesie in the privacy of my own home or I could put a picture of me in its awesomeness in the first pages of my book. So what if I look like a fool? – I’m having fun, and if you can’t have fun along with me I’m not sure I want you to be my friend.

Life is serious business. I know that for an absolute fact. Currently, we’re all dealing with the fallout from the pandemic. In the past eighteen months my business partner and mentor died, I watched my mother take her last breath, my family struggles with mental illness, and there’s a whole host of other troubles I’d rather not mention in polite company. Those things can’t be changed. I deal with them daily because I have to. But they don’t change the fact that there is also joy and laughter in this world. I deal with joy and laughter, too.

I think it is a great blessing that I am able to share some of that joy and laughter with the world through my writing. Drama and tragedy occur naturally. In my day job as a lawyer I spend enough time waging war and arguing. What a gift it is to make someone laugh.

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