She's a Hot Southern Mess!

Know the song, “Ain’t Misbehaving?” Well, that doesn’t apply to Lee St. John. This Southern Belle has gone rogue and she doesn’t apologize one iota for it. Cotillion-and-etiquette-classes didn’t stick. She’s a proud maverick who creates mayhem in her wake and shares these ‘supposed secrets’ in her book, SHE’S A KEEPER! Cockamamie Memoirs from a Hot Southern Mess.

SHE’S A KEEPER! Cockamamie Memoirs from a Hot Southern Mess, has

garnered Lee a finalist selection in the 2019 Georgia Author of the Year Award. In this collection of essays, Lee confesses she is an unapologetic rogue Southern Belle. A high-jinx expert and mayhem confessor. With all the cotillion classes and etiquette lessons, she was taught manners and how to behave. But all those years of learning and acting with utmost decorum won’t stop her from saying what needs to be said. Lee inquires if her readers are prepared to hear what she has to say about former Presidents, the Mafia, famous people—dead and alive—as well as her own friends and family? Her book comes with the following warning: "Well, hold on to your pantyhose. It’s going to get rough."

Conference attendees will be able to meet and experience Lee's humor and insight at The Southern Pen Bookshop's writers conference next month. Lee will help both beginner and seasoned writers find their GUMPTION. Gumption is a shrewd or spirited initiative with resourcefulness. It is that "Get-Up-and-Go" action that can help propel writers into getting more exposure for themselves as an author, blogger, or columnist through the use of Social Media.

Lee's session is a mixture of fun and interactive learning. Individuals will be given at the start of the session, their own individual ‘Bingo’ card and while listening and learning, they will cross off the important definitions delivered and then shout out ‘Bingo’ when they have achieved five-words-in-a-row, just like in regular bingo games. Prizes will be given to the winners.

Bottom line, new writers and even experienced ones need to promote themselves to get noticed whether it be to find an agent, to find a publisher, or just get one's name more in the mainstream. It is often said that writers do not like to promote themselves, however it is necessary! Writers don't like speaking in front of an audience, but it's necessary! Writers don't like keeping up with marketing, but it's necessary! And doing it takes GUMPTION.

Who is Lee St John?

Lee is a retired teacher and after she received her gifted endorsement, she taught every grade but first. The daughter of educators, she was selected as an Honor Teacher, conducted workshops at state and national gifted conferences, and was a paid consultant in Georgia for county in-service meetings. She taught in Cobb, DeKalb, Rockdale, and ended her teaching career in Coweta.

She began her writing career in high school for her hometown newspaper, The Rockdale Citizen, continued through college, and after graduation. She majored in Journalism and later Secondary English education at the University of Georgia and Georgia State University graduate schools.

But here she is doing it all again writing columns in Georgia newspapers, or she’s on television, radio, podcasts, at festivals, her website, Facebook, national speaking engagements, and in national and local magazines. Lee shares her observational humor on every dang social media platform. Check her out. Give her an audience and she is sure to make them laugh.

A born and bred Georgia Peach, she has been married almost 36 years to her Southern gentleman. They have two unmarried millennial sons and a tater-tot-dog schnauzer, OBie. Oh, and Lee LOVES to laugh and make her audience laugh, or as she calls it: Lee Out Loud! (LOL)

Look for these Lee St. John Titles at The Southern Pen Bookshop:

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