Sheila S. Hudson Teaches Us How to Sparkle

Oh, to have the words flow onto the pages creating masterpieces to fill the imagination like a Van Gogh or Renoir. Instead, the composition often comes across like a child's drawing that garners a place on the refrigerator door. How does one create the magic of making the connections of words sparkle on the page and ignite the reader's senses?

Sheila S. Hudson's book, Bright Ideas To Make Your Writing Sparkle, is just what any writer needs. Her light and airy style of writing does not give the feeling reading a lecture. The conversational tone is relaxing like sitting on a front porch enjoying an afternoon visit with an old friend. The are moments of poignant realizations, head shaking agreement of self-reflection, and an occasional chuckle. All the while, the nuggets of wisdom are gathered and stored away for later use.

Twenty years of writing experience, teaching the art of writing, and helping other writers become stronger in their craft, Sheila compiles all her knowledge on lessons she's learned as a freelance writer and author of several cozy mystery series in this 92-page book. The chapters are short, to the point, and a quick read. (retail price 4.95)

Some of the chapter titles include:

You Don't Send Me Flowers Anymore - debunking the myth of the glamorous life of being a writer. Let's face it most writers are introverts and much prefer the solitude of their imaginary worlds with a cat relaxing nearby. (okay that may be a little to stereotypical).

Think Like a Writer - this chapter gives writers permission to eavesdrops. It puts on notice that family is easy fodder.

Don't Throw That Away - this chapter immediately made me hear my mother's voice. She was always saying don't throw that away. We can use it later. Apparently, Sheila agrees with Momma when it comes to writing.

Sheila S. Hudson - Sheila's writing has been published in anthologies such as Chicken Soup for The Soul, her byline has appeared in several Athens periodicals and newspapers, and she has entertained readers with her cozy mystery series. A writer's writer, Sheila shares her knowledge on the craft of writing through teaching and publishing books to help fellow writers find their sparkle. Her commitment to the writing world also encompasses her years of being active with the South Eastern Writers Group and annual conference.

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