Ssssh! This Teacher Talks & Why You Should Listen

Written By: Janet Hogan Chapman Ed.D.

The beginning of another school year! Isn’t it amazing how time seems to fly faster the older we get. At this time of year it’s only natural that our thoughts should turn to our own experiences as students, parents of students, or as teachers of students. Our views about schools and schooling are colored by these experiences. I’ve been a student for twenty-five years of my lifetime: kindergarten through twelfth grades in Atlanta public schools, then twelve scattered years attending colleges and obtaining five different degrees. Add to that thirty-five years of teaching experience, preschool through graduate levels, and I think it’s safe to say education has dominated my life.

This experience culminated with the publication of my book, This Teacher Talks, in March of 2017. The book describes my personal experiences as a student and a teacher. The bulk of the book is in journal form and was the basis of my doctoral dissertation, for which I studied the climate and relationships among teachers and administrators in an elementary school. Not surprisingly, it was often the significance of those relationships that translated into the views both teachers and students had of their experiences.

Such relationship factors are not usually taught in teacher education programs, and are rarely addressed in professional development courses for practicing educators. What a shame! Considering that over half of new teachers leave the profession within the first five years and teacher vacancies are on the rise despite efforts at increasing salaries and benefits, maybe we are not looking at the real reasons being a teacher is so difficult. This Teacher Talks exposes some of those reasons. Being informed about the realities of working in a school, along with advice about how to cope with those realities, could help today’s educators as they seek to educate students.

Teaching can be an immensely rewarding experience. New teachers are entering the profession with noble dreams and visions, just as many of us did years ago. Sharing the collective knowledge of the importance of establishing positive, caring relationships is one way to help teachers achieve those aspirations. Those who are able to overlook mundane and not-so-mundane frustrations, focus on the needs of students, and get along with others are likely to succeed in their endeavors. They will reap the rewards of a vocation that has the power to positively influence our society by building quality relationships among teachers, administrators, and students in our schools.

Who Is Janet Hogan Chapman

Janet Hogan Chapman, also known as Georgia Janet, is a Bohemian Southern Belle author empowering strong women through the written word. Many readers are familiar with her historical fiction series, Madam May.

The series is based on the real Madam May who was an empowered woman of her time. She was brazen and challenged the social norm. Janet has followed not quite so controversially, but in the bold fashion of her ancestor in cutting a path for aspiring educators to be successful.

Other Titles By Janet:

Available Online Under Historical Fiction

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