The Irish Are Coming!

The date of destiny was circled on the calendar years ago. Notre Dame would come to the hallowed grounds of Sanford Stadium. The grudge match between our state's beloved Bulldogs and the Fighting Irish continues. Will Georgia hold onto its undefeated status against the boys from South Bend? The answer will come as the last second evaporates from the time clock and the score board illuminates the results.

This game is being hailed as one of the most historic games to be written in the pages of Georgia's history. While there may be truth to this sentiment, another historic game with another Fighting Irishman precedes Saturday's game. Yes, the young men dressed in Blue and Gold will not be able to lay claim to being the first from their Alma Mater to take to the sidelines of Dooley Field and fight Between the Hedges in the house named Sanford Stadium. This honor belongs to another of their own. Coach Harry Mehre.

The young center for the historic Notre Dame offensive line that produced the Four Horsemen under the tutelage of Coach Rockne was the first Fighting Irishman to stand on the Georgia sidelines. His job was to teach the infamous offensive plays to a fledgling Georgia team under Coach Woodruff. But, his contribution to Georgia's history goes beyond teaching plays. Coach Harry Mehre was the coach who led the Bulldogs to a shut-out victory against Yale during the dedication game of Sanford Stadium.

So, yes, the Irish are coming but they will find the whispers of one of their own who arrived before them and help build Georgia Bulldogs.

Coach Harry Mehre

Played for Notre Dame (1918 - 1922) with legendary Four Horseman under Coach Rockne

Came to University of Georgia under Coach Woodruff (1923)

Head Coach for Georgia - (1928 - 1937)

Coached Bulldogs in a shut-out victory against Yale during dedication game for Sanford Stadium (1929)

Inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame (1971)

Became a Sports Writer for Atlanta Constitution and Atlanta Journal

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