Welcome April Love-Fordham

April Love-Fordham and her Disorderly Parables have joined The Southern Pen Bookshop's Family. A little disorder is not always a bad thing and April's bible study series is a good example. Her series includes the titles: James in the Suburbs, Dismantling Injustice, and St. Francis and the Christian Life.

The disorderly parables is not your ordinary Bible Studies. Each book is a parable – a modern day story – wrapped around a biblical commentary. These stories will make you think about ancient scripture in new ways, provide insight into what is happening in the world today, surprise you with laughter as you catch a vision of the journey ahead, and energize you to live out your faith on paths you never anticipated taking.

Meet A Disorderly Fun Loving Author:

April wakes up every morning and asks the Spirit what love mischief they will accomplish together that day. So far that question has led her to take Jesus seriously by trying her best to live out Jesus’s radical, counter-cultural message. She finds joy in working for peace and social justice, caring for the poor and the oppressed, embracing human diversity and equality, questioning religious tradition and culture (including and especially Christianity), and living as a good steward of the earth.

Before embarking on the journey of allowing the Spirit to help her create mischief, April spent twenty very fun years in the corporate world, including several in Washington DC as a technology adviser to both the George H. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations where her resume once claimed that she helped Al Gore invent the internet.

Her adventure to leave the corporate world and evolving frontier of technology behind when a nagging notion began to tug at her. A notion that she ought to be doing more to make the world a better place. So she left the corporate world and went to seminary to search for answers and become a pastor.

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