The wait is over....Georgiana Fields delivers book 6 in her Crimson series.  Buckle up and prepare for another exhilirating ride in this paranormal/time travel series.


Karma. Her name is Karma, but it should be chaos because that’s what Karma’s life has been since her BFF convinced her to do a forensic audit for two of the biggest Fortune 500 companies after being hacked and money stolen. How could Karma say no, especially when she’d be working with one of her idols and best hacker in the world, Percy Westmorland? She couldn’t. Well, she could, but…yeah, all those zeros made it too tempting.


On the night they were completing the audit and returning the missing funds, her apartment door is kicked in, and Karma runs for her life. Kidnapped, drugged, and beaten, Karma wakes up bound to a chair in a warehouse. When she couldn’t tell them where the money is, they decide to kill her.


Men dressed in black come to her rescue. Whatever her captures ran her up with has her hallucinating because people do not turn into dust, nor do they change into ferocious animals.


Morgan Wolfe has spent the last four months talking to Karma months talking to her nightly. There was something about her sexy, sassy voice that drew him to her. When an enemy from his past kidnaps her, Morgan does everything in his power to get Karma back. Then defies all rules and has Karma taken to his Oregon home.


The moment his wolf catches her scent, Morgan knows Karma is the mate he’s waited centuries for. All he has to do is get her to fall in love with him, accept his Dhampiric side, and keep her safe from the ones who want to kill her. Easy. Just another day at the office.


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