The Hadrian Wall stands in England as a silent testimony to the historical presence of the Romans in the colony they called Britannia.  That wall, constructed to protect from the Picts, an English tribe fighting against the Roman invaders, serves as evidence both the reality of the Romans and to the existence of the Picts.  But, within the wall, another testimony lies in wait of discovery.  A strange box, containing a number of scrolls, is discovered, unleashing powerful emotions and forces, as the testimony of the scrolls points to individuals found in the pages of the bible.  These eyewitnesses, speak of the events that touched their lives, as they interacted with the person called Christ.

The first scroll, the autobiography of the blind man found in the gospel of John, forces Rubin James, a world renown professor and critic of the Christian faith, to once again examine his own beliefs.  The discovery of apparently supernatural forces accompanying the box and its contents, drives Rubin to seek to destroy the scrolls.  His plan inadvertently causes the death of his own daughter, Laura, who had become equally convinced of the authenticity of the scrolls and was seeking to prevent the destruction her father had planned.  Now faced with his own culpability and a copy of his daughter’s translation of the first scroll, Rubin faces a decision.  Will he accept the evidence and embrace the truth, or will he continue to fight against the testimony of the blind man and accept the accolades of his culture and his scholarly compatriots. It is a decision that will have lasting impact, not only for Rubin and his family, but for the culture he is a part of.  It is a decision, each person faces as we read the story of the blind man in the bible.


Enjoy an excerpt from Eyewitness - The Tears of The Saints


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The Author:

Charles de Andrade is the finance manager for a software company based in Atlanta Georgia.  He is the founding and managing member of Scribblers Christian Writers Group (  Eyewitness – Tears of the Saints, is his sixth book, and the first book in a new series looking at the miracles of Christ, as experienced through the recipients of the miracles.  Charles lives in Summerfeild Florida with his wife of 46 years, Gloria.  He is the proud father of three daughters, eight grandchildren, and one step grandson.  He can be found cooking, playing guitar and in front of his computer writing.

Eyewitness - The Tears of The Saints


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