Enjoy these teas blended to reflect their literary names or favorite desserts


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Charles Dickens' Black Tea Blend:  Tea appeared in Dickens’ work as a calming force like in David Copperfield.  Or it could surface as a commonality between classes that allowed Dickens to emphasize the stark differences between lifestyles. Simpson & Vale's Charles Dickens blend adds a flash of color to a traditional british tea. The blend is a hearty, well-rounded blend of China and Indian teas that has an amber cup with a light currant after-taste.

Ingredients: Black teas, oolong tea, flavoring, cornflower petals. Certified KosherBrew tea at 212º - steep for 3 minutes.4 Ounces of loose tea makes approximately 50 cups of tea.


Bronte Sisters' Black Tea Blend: Bronte Sisters tea blend combines pear, apple, and gooseberry flavors to make a sweet and fragrant blend that’s reminiscent of an orchard stroll. The flavors in this blend meld together in perfect harmony and the taste lingers deliciously on the palate


.Ingredients: Black teas, papaya pieces (papayas and sugar), flavorings, raspberry pieces, alfalfa leaves and marigold petals.Certified KosherBrew tea at 212º - steep for 3 minutes.4 Ounces of loose tea makes approximately 50 cups of tea.


Creme Brulee Black Dessert Tea: This scrumptious black tea blend has the taste and aroma of buttery, creamy sweet goodness. The dark amber cup is sweet and creamy with a finish that tastes like caramelized brown sugar.Ingredients: black teas, flavoring, and marigold petals.Brew tea at 212º - steep for 3 minutes.Certified Kosher


Simpson & Vale's Story: Simpson & Vail Inc., one of the oldest Tea companies in the USA, is a family owned business dedicated to offering quality teas from around the world. Incorporated in 1929, Simpson & Vail was purchased by Jim & Joan Harron in the mid-70’s and today 2 of their children, Jim and Cyndi, are running the day to day operations. Over the last 30 years we’ve seen a steady increase in tea’s popularity. All of us at Simpson & Vail are thrilled to be a part of the tea drinking community and we’re proud of the teas we create for our customer’s enjoyment.Made in USA

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