My name is Lee St. John. While teaching I displayed unorthodox behaviors that, luckily for me, never got me fired. Oh, I reigned it in a bit when the heat was on. But I just couldn't help myself. I do not apologize for the fun I had in the classroom that caused quite a stir. How else was I going to get through the day?Now retired, I am spilling the beans about all these stories since I taught every grade but first grade. So, there is a story (from me or other teachers) for every grade level teacher out there- elementary, middle, high, and college - to help these educators see the funny side of school classrooms. These are all true stories because, as you know, sometimes real life is funnier than the ones you make up. And they are not only for teachers. Anyone who has ever been in a classroom will relate to the mayhem that sometimes happens.In my case, I tell stories about the corn dog sticks my first grade son put up his nose at lunch and the trouble it caused, the time I was kissed by a President of the United States and my high school students' reactions, stories about how teachers conducted themselves on Spring Break, and antics that caused a fire to break out in a high school classroom (no one got hurt or in trouble - that wouldn't happen today). But what can they do to me now? Fire me?Come join me if are a teacher, were a student, or need a Christmas-teacher-gift, end-of-year teacher gift, or even teacher-appreciation-week present. These educators see need a laugh these days. This book will do just that.And it might even BUMP up your child's grade on that last test.


Vol. 6

SK-Funny Teacher Stories from a Southern Classroom

SKU: 978-1726334884

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