Rescue  Groups & No-Kill Shelters

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  Proceeds from each Zane's Zoo Pet is  donated to  a selected   animal rescue group or no-kill shelter.  

Why We Help Groups like Yours. . .

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Vickie Bley,  owner of The Southern Pen Bookshop,   loves cats. Luckily, her husband does  too.   All of their  cats have been rescues.   She has been a foster parent to  several and understands the needs organizations who  have  committed their hearts, souls, and resources to helping displaced pets find homes.   Zane's Zoo  is named after one of their   rescues they adopted from a local animal shelter .    While  Vickie and her husband understands it is not feasible to  give every   cat  a home (they currently have  6 all indoor) they have chosen to use Zane's Zoo as a way to help. 

How Your Group Can Receive a Donation from Zane's Zoo

To be considered for a donation from Zane's Zoo , a group  or shelter must be a   non-profit with a 501 (c) (3).  At this time, we are focusing on helping those close to  us.   This includes the following counties:   Barron, Clarke, Newton, Oconee, Rockdale,and Walton.  We encourage you to complete  our application.