Sometimes a student’s talent can get lost among all the tests and stats. And what they do best goes unmeasured.  The Whiz Kids series is focused around four kids from diverse backgrounds and each with their unique talent.  Together they tackle and solve common issues students encounter in and outside the classroom while showing their showing their classmates that everyone is special in their own way. The series includes 9 titles. 

Each Book Has. . . 

Engaging Story                              Problem Solving

Vocabulary Page                            Multiple Intelligence

Comprehension Questions              Character Education 

                                                                     Activity Page


Musa (Muscial)- this talented young lad is a prodigy when it comes to music. Musa can play a wide variety of musical instruments.  He lives with his father; his mother and father are separated.  It is Musa's dream is to become a rock singer. 

Simone (Visual/Spatial) - The creative force of the Whiz Kidz, Simone is a second grader in Ms. Lena's class at Moncove elementary.  She lives with her adoptive parents. Simone likes to draw and design her own clothing

Robby (Bodily/Kinesthetic) - Robby is an energetic, atheltic, and bright young man. He loves sports and is always looking for the next adventure.  He lives with his grandparents. His dreams are to become the first MVP in two professional sports. 

Maria (Technological) - The heart and soul of the Whiz Kidz, Maria keeps everyone connected to each other through various mans of communication including emails, texts, and phone calls.  maria's basement also serves as the Whiz Kidz' headquarters.  her mom home schools Maria, while her dad works outside of the home full-time.  Maria was born with a rare disease that caused paralysis on her lower body. 



Devour the Dancing Blues 

In this adventure of the Whiz Kidz, Musa and the rest of the gang seek to help our Niki, Musa's classmate, who is terrified of dancing at the upcoming school party. 

multiplication facts.jpg

Figure out Multiplication Facts

Maria and the rest of the team help Cheree learn to persevere and become a Multiplication Master. 

Facing the Field Day Fears

Robby and the rest of the gang seek to help Michelle, Robby's classmate, who is terrified of competing at the upcoming school field day. 

conquer clutter.jpg

Conquer the Clutter

Robby and the rest of the team help Peter learn that our weaknesses can become our strengths with hard work and support from those who care for us.

break down bullying.jpg

Break Down Bullying

Maria and the rest of the gang help Stacey learn that being a bully means you never win no matter how the reults turn out. 


Cancel the Clowning

Patrick learns there is a time and place for everything.

master making friends.jpg

Master Making Friends

Simone and the rest of the gang seek to help Bettina, Simone's classmate, make new friends at school.

Overcome Obesity.jpg

Overcome Obesity

Simone and the rest of the crew help Marilyn overcome her anxiety concerning her physical appearance. The Whiz Kidz help Marilyn to see her true beauty and value lie much deeper than her outward appearance. 


Tame the Teacher's  Pet

Robby and the rest of the team help Susie see that the teacher’s attention has to be shared by the entire class, not one person. In the end, Susie learns that being her best sometimes means just sitting quietly.

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