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Saturday - March 21 - 8am to 5 pm @ The Monroe Community Center 

Our Keynote Speaker

Sheila Hudson

Sheila Hudson is an award winning author and inspirational speaker.  She has worked with the SE Writers Association as an organizer and presenter for their conference.  Along with penning several cozy mystery series, Sheila has also published books to help writers hone their craft.  The Southern Pen Bookshop is excited to have Sheila as the keynote speaker at our second annual writers conference.

Shelia resides in Athens, Georgia  

What's New This Year

We Heard Your Feedback

While the feedback from our last year's conference was overall a resounding positive chorus of enthusiasm, the one thing we heard a lot was..."I had a hard time choosing what session to attend because there were so many and I had to decide which one to miss."

Well, we have reduced the number of session offered this year to allow us to offer the same sessions in both the morning and afternoon.  So, don't worry about having to decide what session you have to miss because there's another one at the same time that is just as interesting.

Instead of having two keynote speakers, we have opted to start the morning sessions early and only have one keynote speaker for the luncheon.   

Will You Have a Trade Show Again?


YES!  We will have a Trade Show again this year. The Trade Show is not intended to be a literary festival  and is not open to the general public.  It is for registered attendees seeking a forum to connect with industry professionals who offer goods or services that promote pre and post publishing goods or services.  We are currently looking for exhibitors and sponsors who fit this category.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Our Conference

1. Get in touch with character's emotions - Discover how the "really" feel. USING EMOTION TO CONNECT WITH READERS (Mary Marvella)

2. Beef Up Your Writer's Resume Before Publishing your First Book - HOW TO BUILD AN INTERESTING AUTHOR BIO (Genie Bernstein)

3. Detangle Those Rampant Ideas With Mind Mapping - A Visualization Tool that will help graph your next book - MIND MAPPING MAZE (Jackie Rod)

4. Who's Afraid of A Southern Ghost?  SOUTHERN GHOSTS, PLAT-EYES, WILL-O'-THE-WISPS, HAINTS, AND SUCH (Tim Westover)

5.  NO! I don't want to be a bestselling author !  For the rest of us find out how to become a bestselling author through marketing for success -BESTSELLER - MARKETING FOR SUCCESS (Tim Riordan)

6. You said I need a publi...   Of course every write agrees they need a publisher of some variation to put their "little baby" in print.  But, we also say you need a PUBLICIST.  -WHAT IS A PUBLICIST & WHY AUTHORS NEED ONE.  (Mimi Schroeder)

7. Writers have a voice when putting words on paper but often become paralyzed when having to speak about themselves.  Discover tools to help you become more confident in speaking about yourself and your book. -FINDING YOUR VOICE (Andrea Cassell)

8.  Take advantage of a manuscript critique session  (editors are in selection process at this time)

9. We'll Feed Ya!  (Cheely's Cafe will be catering lunch)

10. You shouldn't have to break the bank to attend a conference!

Conference Fee

Fee includes access to all sessions, trade-show, lunch, and parking

Additional fees apply to mini-photo shoot and manuscript critique

What's New This Year

Mini Photo Session

Authors spend countless hours worrying and imagining the perfect cover for their book.  But, they often do not consider the importance of having a professional photo of themselves for their social media, website, and publicity packets. 

This year The Southern Pen is offering mini-photo sessions with a professional photographer to help solve this oversight.  The mini-photo session will offer participants a fifteen minute session with a professional photographer.  They will receive a digital file of their pictures.  

Mini-photo Fee: 45.00

Participants may select morning or afternoon session but are not guaranteed their selection.

Due to time constraint the number of time slots will be limited and filled on a first come first serve based on submission of registration.

What's New This Year

Manuscript Critique

Having a professional look at your work is always a good way to get a pulse on the strengths of your manuscript and areas for growth.  The Manuscript Critique provides a one-on-one opportunity to sit down with a professional and discuss your current project.  Authors are encouraged to submit the first three chapters of their work with a query letter.  Manuscripts must be 12 pt font, Times New Roman, and doubled spaced.  Only electronic submissions will be accepted.  

Manuscript Critique Fee:  50.00

Critique session are scheduled in 15 minute increments and limited to availability. Slots will be filled on a first come first serve based on submission of registration 

Register Today to connect with your future as a  successful published author. 

We are looking for . . 




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